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High School Reunion

High School Reunion: like the Disney movie High School Musical but with less purposeful dancing and singing and more alcohol. Also, there is no Zac Efron.  Just lots of guys who are not as cute as you remembered and a handful you wished you noticed back then.



This coming weekend, my old classmates from the Academy (don’t confuse us with that other group that gives out acting awards) will converge on Baton Rouge to celebrate 10 years freedom from high school.

Oh, don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t hate high school. In fact, high school didn’t bother me when it was happening– only my years in college convinced me the world could offer better than boys in over sized trucks, student council elections,  and rules about my shoe leather.  I really do value my former classmates and friends made in that time period.  I’m even fond of the old institution and credit it with much of my personal development.  Further, I am convinced that single sex schools can make a huge positive impact.  If you get plaid skirts too, it’s just icing on the cake.

80s romy and michelle

(from hereRomy and Michelle are here to help. They also have some reservations about high school being the best time ever.)

That said, I’ve put together some basic guidelines to consider when attending one’s 10 year high school reunion (specifically if you went to a Catholic All Girl’s School).

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