The author at a horse race. You know, like you do.

An aspiring writer, M went to college, got a masters, and settled into a cubicle in a field completely unrelated to writing because that just seemed more sensible at the time. Then she looked about one day and thought perhaps she could do something creative while she’s hanging around.

M enjoys books to the point of distraction and you should definitely be her friend on Goodreads.  M likes to travel, and she once went to the South Pole. You can read about it here: dabski on ice.


Long walks on the beach, Heidi the dog, YA fiction,  Thursday night comedies on NBC, Tim Tams,  pop culture, Diet Coke, Disney and ABC Family, super heroes, Tim Gunn, psychology, wine and cheese, baking, roller derby,  open-minded religious discourse, college a cappella, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, and browsing through book shops


Coconut. Like, a lot.

Contact: mdabskiblog at gmail dot com

  1. We have a lot of likes in common- beach, YA fiction, pop culture, psychology, wine and cheese. . . glad I found your blog!

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