Holy WOW.

So, someone was kind enough to comment else where on this blog that Meg Cabot twittered about my Allie Finkle review, which would explain the over 700 hits on my blog today. Usually, I just assume people are stopping by because they’re looking for a picture of Darth Vader since that’s usually my hottest search term. Those people are usually disappointed, I’m sure.

Due to my long standing and well-documented girl crush on Meg Cabot, I more or less choked on my drink when I read this comment. I figuratively dashed to her Twitter and saw this:

Y’all! That short little twitter url goes to my blog! I promise! I don’t even follow twitter because it seems like hard work, but maybe now I should! I cracked up Meg Cabot! (You will notice that like cute boys in middle school, Meg Cabot is a firstie/lastie kind of person.) Meg Cabot READ something I WROTE! If ever there was a time for the Snoopy dance, it would be now.

And the really cool part is that just the other day, my friend JP made a comment and we had this exchange:

Not only did Meg Cabot twitter about me, it turns out that I’m also kind of psychic. Kind of. With hazy reception, but still!

So, anyway, the same commenter who informed me of this delicious slice of awesome that completely turned around an otherwise grumpy day also threatened to return to read other reviews. This may be a good time to point out that while I adore some YA and children’s fiction, I’m not always the sweetest candy in the dish. Sometimes, I’m even a little mean. Sometimes, I write about bad dates- really bad dates. I’m not exactly rated R, but I do enjoy my vodka sodas with lime. In fact, I’m having one now. Celebratory drink! And sometimes I’m a slack blogger. But all this said, welcome Meg Cabot fans! Stick around if you like!

And if Meg Cabot herself if reading this, please hire me as your personal assistant so that I can learn to be like you. You should also hire my friend JP (no similarity to JP Abernathy IV, I assure you!) because she’s excellent at pretty much everything and a much better speller than me. And also, think about giving Lana Weinberger her own adult fiction spin off series. She got really fun in the end.

edited to add: And by the way, thank you so so much for twittering about me! My mother would be horrified to know I did not start with that.

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