Kfed is a Romulan

I saw the new Star Trek movie.

I don’t know much about the original series, but I still found the movie accessible and pretty fun.  It’s the classic kind of summer blockbuster I remember from childhood: battle of good vs evil, devil-may-care attractive guys that say sarcastic things, friendships that seem more special than anything mere mortals can obtain, some sci-fi thrown in for good measure, a kiss or 2, and the promise of a sequel.

But as these epic moments spun out before my eyes, I kept returning to one thought over and over again.

The Romulans look like K-Fed.

  romulan  kevin_federline.03

(from google image search)

I kept thinking, “One of these goons is going to burst into ill-thought-out rap or impregnate a starlet or host a party in Vegas.”  I even checked IMDB to see if he has a burgeoning acting career.

He might have an “acting career”, but he is not portraying a Romulan.   I’m actually a little disappointed.  Eric Bana, the head Romulan, may want to consider contacting KFed to play his kid brother in future movies– just so long as the role of the kid brother mostly requires wearing tank tops and looking like you are constantly undressing people with your eyes.

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  1. I repeat:
    Po, po, po, po, popozão

  2. I was lost in this movie–typical with boring action movies with erractic story lines. Lacked the imaginitive, coherent story line of the TV series.

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