Another year, another stab at sticking to resolutions.

This year, I have basically no intention of going to the gym every single day or systematically cleaning out a room in my condo once a month.  I’m not going to pretend to give up sugar entirely or cut down TV watching to one hour daily. There’s no use attempting to learn knitting or promising to make my bed every single day.

The key to resolutions?  Pick something you actually want to do.  It’s a real struggle for me to eat the suggested number of servings of veggies every day; erego, I will not stick to that resolution.


See? They have faces. They don’t want to be eaten. They probably want to sing songs and possibly teach children about good manners.

But here are some things I do want to do:

1) Get a library card. The economy is down and I spend a shocking amount of money at Barnes and Noble.

2) Take a cooking class.  I like baking. I like following rules and getting predictable results.  It’s soothing to knead dough and gratifying to lick the spoon, and there’s an element of danger in eating batter. Plus, I need some hobbies to talk about when meeting new people. When people ask me what’s up, and I tell them that Pushing Daisies got cancelled, but there’s a good chance it will make it to comic book form… that’s just kind of sad.


See? They also bake. And they have very interesting lives, what with the private investigation and whimsical outfits and bringing people back from the dead…

3)  Finish paperwork for my licensure and take that damn test.  If I’m ever going to start telling people what to do and get paid for it, someone is going to have to approve me.  I refuse to sit in a cube forever, and this is the first step.


4)  Form book group among female friends that are suddenly addicted to Twilight. Here’s the thing… I have very mixed feelings about Twilight. I think I may not actually like it, but I still find it oddly compelling.  Like it or not, it gives everyone plenty to talk about. I’ve suggested it to 3 of my female friends who all scoffed and are now rabidly tearing through it and e-mailing me several times daily to discuss. (Lmac… I’m looking at you.)   In an effort to keep my brain from exploding, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to get everyone together to talk about it.


5). Write… every day. Blog posts, journal entries, attempts at that oft-talked about and seldom worked on YA novel, wordy e-mails to college friends…. whatever. Just write something every day.   Stephen King says in On Writing that you have to write to be a writer and you have to do it everyday. And that’s what I’m going to do.

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