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Red Wine & Diet Coke

I was going to write about books all last month, but instead I went to holiday parties, watched “very special” Christmas episodes on TV, and ate my weight in sugar cookies. Then, I was going to write a blog entry every day in the New Year until I caught up with my Book Report list, but that plan stalled out when I started watching Netflix Instant Queue.

But now, two days into SNOMG 2011, I find myself with some extra time on my hands. I cleaned out my closet, read a couple of books, tried to make my dog frolic (she refused), and made muffins.


Spicy Cheddar Pumpkin muffins from the Baked cookbook.

The natural conclusion to my day would be challenging my neighbors to a wii bowling tournament or working on The Novel. Instead, I’m experimenting with red wine and Diet Coke.

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