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How to Date a Vampire

I have finished reading the Twilight series. To be fair, I finished reading it a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been ruminating since then. I have some thoughts specific to the novels, but I think that some of the basic truths can be appreciated even if you have not read the books. In fact, I don’t think there are many of us who have not encountered the Vampire Boyfriend at some point in our pop culture pursuits- most notably in the honorable Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but there are other, newer examples such as CBS’s weak Moonlight and just about every book series for young women at Barnes & Noble). What we seem to be learning is that it is becoming increasingly acceptable to date a vampire– and to that I say, “Finally!”

But it’s a new wilderness, kids. For years, nay centuries, it’s been taboo to date a vampire, so there’s a bit of gray area. There are some special concerns when your boyfriend’s main goal in existence is to consume the very force that keeps you in existence. I have compiled some points of consideration to assist you on your way. Let’s call this an early Valentine’s Day present from me to you

And now I present….The Girl’s Guide to Dating a Vampire!

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