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2013: Time To Be Legit



Every year, I resolve to write more. Every year, I don’t write as much as a I thought I would. Every year I vow to be different. I suppose this year will be about the same except this year I MEAN IT.

I’m off to a decent start– I helped co-author a post about the Greatest Movie of All Time for a history blog, The Tropics of Meta.  My friend Lauren, a history PhD candidate, invited me to help her write an article about the rise of our a capella overlords in the movie Pitch Perfect, and I had to class up my act to hang with the academic writers.    The blogs’ editors did change our proposed title:  “A Capella or, Organized Nerd Singing: In Which We Explain Our Love for Singing Boys in Bow Ties, Nick Lachey and Also That Girl Who Was the Only Good Part of the Twilight Movies.”    I can’t imagine why that didn’t appeal to them.

They also opted not to include the gif we lovingly selected to close our piece, and I’ll post it here now for your enjoyment.


2013, y’all: the year of a capella, the year of writing, the year of the Kimye baby.  Go forth and conquer.