The Phone. It Rings.

from YouTube user aliaslover123

I miss Gilmore Girls, and I especially miss Michel and his bitchy French attitude.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about Gilmore Girls today. We could talk about it, and I want to make a Bunheads/Gilmore comparison chart anyway, but that clip just resonates this evening because of a series of unfortunate interactions today at my Real Life job. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say I think it’s reasonable to expect other mental health professionals to know what Autism is. At the very least, it’s not crazy to think they know how to spell the word.  There came a point where Michel’s whiney accent drawled in my ear, “People are particularly stupid today. I can’t talk to any more of them.”

Three Day Weekend, you can get here anytime.




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  1. John Dabkowski

    Sounds like a tough day. Don’t let if get you down and hang in there. What you do does make a difference.

  2. UCH. I sympathize. I channel my inner Michel at work FAR TOO OFTEN.

  3. I would subscribe to a Gilmore/Bunheads comparison tumblr! And sorry for a Stupid People Day. Those are the worst!

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