Building a Better Bookcase

Currently, I have about 50 unread books in my possession.  A handful of those are e-books, but the rest are hard copies.  It should come as no surprise that I’m running low on shelf space in my home.   This weekend I finally decided to bit the bullet and build 2 IKEA Billy bookcases for my home office. I have the scraped arms and bruised knees to prove it.   That little graphic instruction manual doesn’t mention that, you’ll notice. It also doesn’t  include a bottle of wine under the needed tools, which is a severe oversight.

 You’ll notice Abed and Jeff Winger in the background. They were extremely helpful.

To give the bookcase a little zing, I decided to put my Pinterest account to good use and attempt an “Ikea hack.” I followed the instructions put together by The Nearest Future to attach fabric to the back of the bookcase.  I want to point out here that the backing of a Billy bookcase is just cardboard. I thought I might need a staple gun to do this, but your average Swingline desk stapler works just fine.   I’m pretty concerned about the longevity of this bookcase given that it is partially cardboard.

For those of you feeling crafty. I found the fabric at Whipstitch, which has by far the cutest and most whimsical fabric selection in Atlanta. Go throw some money at them!

After several hours and a couple of moments I thought would surely lead to Single Girl horror stories in which I would get trapped under heavy furniture for days until someone found me,  I ended up with this:

I put a couple of the shelves in backwards on the right hand shelf, and I had to paint the exposed particle board white. I suppose I could have unscrewed the pieces and done it the right way, but when you’re putting together an IKEA bookcase, you hit a point where you’re like, “Eff this,  I just want it to be over.”

And with the books:

You’ll notice the Girls Gone Wild hat. It was thrown to me by a That 70s Show cast member during Mardi Gras one year, and I only had to show my smile to get it.  Seriously, what kind of girl do you think I am?

Tomorrow: How I chose to organize the books.

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  1. John Dabkowski

    Looks good. Glad it did not fall on you during construction. What wall did you put it on?

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