Jenny, M, and the 12 Dwarves

You might recognize the Mirabell Gardens from The Sound of Music. The kids run past the Pegasus fountain and through an arched hedge while singing “Do, a Deer.”

This is me being excited about the Pegasus.


Jenny finally found a unicorn of her very own, and that was exciting as well.


Remarkably, Fräulein Maria did not circle up the children for a sing along in the Dwarf Park, which is up a set of stairs next to the Pegasus statue. Allegedly, someone created the park in 1600 to honor some individuals who served the prince archbishop (A government leader who holds religious office too- what can go wrong?), and each statue represents an actual person and his or her actual style of dress.

Jenny and I feel it’s too bad the Von Trapps didn’t get a chance to sing in this garden, and we set out to prove that Dwarf Park is a fantastic place to shake off one’s totalitarian home life.

The entry way is guarded by these 2 very scary ancient volleyball players.



Inside, we met this gentleman with his tongue sticking out. He’s way ahead of his time since this is how most frat boys pose in photos these days.


Then we met this saucy lady. She looks like she has all the dirt on everyone.


This guy looked like he needed some help, so Jenny obliged.


When you see a statue dancing, you have no choice but to dance back. He looks like he’s fun at parties. I am also fun at parties, FYI. Usually after some wine, but still.


This guy knows what I’m talking about! That mug is bigger than his head!


I would not invite this guy. Who wants to hang out with someone about to rip a head off a dead bird?


And then we have the guy too tired to party. He carries the weight of the world on that shovel. He also looks like the mascot for Ole Miss, right?


This fellow is climbing a tree barefoot, which you have to respect. I am doing my best impression of a Von Trapp poised to sing a song about cuckoo clocks.


Jenny is trying real hard to get a game of leap frog started, but this guy won’t budge.


Fist bumb!


And what is that? This poor guy is memorialized with a massive zit in his forehead, and that just seems remarkably unfair.


We think this guys used to be holding nunchucks, which would explain the empty holes in his fists. It seemed only right to honor him with martial arts.


And finally, only the second lady statue in the bunch. Relegated to food service, of course. Not that we cared by that point. Shortly after this, we went in search of gelato.


And this is the gelato, something else the Von Trapps are lacking.


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  1. Either you were drinking a beer at every statue (and, unfortunately, failed to post those pics), or you just revealed a new layer of your inner nerd. Much love!

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