Airplane Essentials

I find myself with some extra time in my travel prep this morning, so here’s a bonus travel post to start your afternoon. I’ve previously written extensive rules for traveling which you can see here.  Today’s list: airplane essentials!

Item #1: Appropriate moisturizers for skin and mouth. You dry out like a prune on trans-Atlantic flights and I mean to look glowy when I land.   I can’t afford the fancy stuff, but Neutrogena works okay for me.

Someone got a Norwegian gift pack for Christmas. Can you tell?

Item #2: Sanitizer. I prefer the variety than I can spray, and this one is non-toxic if I accidentally drink it. That’s unlikely to happen, but you never know.   Anyway, planes are notorious for germs and I refuse to spend my vacation laid up at Jenny’s apartment.

I might spray this on my seat neighbor. Is that weird?


Item #3: Playlist designed especially for this trip- “Germany-Wanderlust.” I started off choosing dreamy, broody songs and then I started picking Britney Spears songs. It should be an interesting listen.  Important for blocking out sounds of unruly children and loud talkers.  Not pictured: headphones! Essential!

You can’t see this, but my playlist included much of The Hunger Games soundtrack. I plan to spend boring moments making up stories for myself in which Katniss becomes a Games mentor instead of leading a revolution.

Item # 4: Snacks!  I don’t trust airline food, so it’s always good to have a plan B on a long flight. I actually have a stash of Luna bars for this reason, but these cookies photograph better.

I will only eat these in desperation. If we crash land on a desert island, I am going to be very popular.

Item #5: Trashy reading for take off and landing.  I always go for Entertainment Weekly for this purpose.  Not pictured: iPad loaded with entertaining yet easy books: Insurgent by Veronica Roth and the latest Cassandra Clare entry in her Shadowhunter series.

Thank you, Lmac, for sponsoring my pop culture addiction by giving me a subscription to this.

Item #6: Gum! Good for popping your ears if that is a problem for you and also good to freshen your breath before landing if you don’t have a  toothbrush handy.  Don’t worry, Mom, I will only chew it long enough to serve its purpose and then I will spit it out. I will not look like a cow chewing cud like you warned me I might.

Especially important in case of a handsome bloke as a seat neighbor.


Item #7: Podcasts for times when the playlist doesn’t cut it and I feel like getting educated. I like This American Life, Stuff You Missed in History Class, RadioLab, and a few others. I also downloaded some specific to Germany and German history.

You will notice Rick Steves in the list. He is my travel boyfriend.


Other items not pictured:

– Cardigan sweater: the plane will eventually be cold and I will be ready for it. Doubles as a blanket in a pinch.

– Airbourne chewable supplements. More germ combat.

– Medications. Just because they lose your bags doesn’t mean you can’t keep your body heathy. Ditto extra underwear.

– Hair holders. For when I inevitably give up on looking cute.

– Make up. For when I decide I do want to be cute.

– Glasses. For when my contacts give up on everything.


That’s just about it for the carry on list.  Other suggestions in comments?

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