Books, books, books.

I’ve been lax about posting here lately (something I continually resolve to change), but I’ve been quite busy over at my personal book blog. I’m not much of a reviewer since I like most books I read, but I like to keep track of what I read and my general thoughts about it. I’ve been on a “book report” bender for the last week or so, trying to catch up on documenting all the books I’ve read in the last couple of years. Here are some recent faves to check out if you’re into that kind of thing:


A list of my favorite books. I made a page of my actual favorites from over the last few years (and a few standouts from high school and elementary school). Helpfully sorted by category!

A Book Report on Countess Below Stairs. People! Downton Abbey wishes they had a countess below stairs! It’s a lovely little romance, and the world needs to be more informed about stand out light romance writer Eva Ibbotson. Read and then spread the good word!

Book Report for the Chaos Walking Trilogy If you liked the Golden Compass and Lyra and Will and all that, you might enjoy this one. Really painful to read at times due to the continual violence and heartache heaped on these two young teens on an alien planet, but it’s well written and the two main characters are just so well done. Similar message to the Hunger Games, but more brutal– if you can believe that.

Book reports on 2 John Green favorites: Abundance of Katherines and Fault in Our Stars. John Green is like a gateway drug to YA fiction for adults who sniff at YA plots. He writes from a teen POV, but his characters are crazy smart and witty. Some of his plot lines sound like bad Lifetime movies (Two teens with cancer fall in love, kids at boarding school face horrifying loss), but he’s anything but hackneyed.

Book Report for Ready Player One. A futuristic virtual scavenger hunt based around knowledge of 80s trivia. Do you need anything else?

Book Report for The Magicians It really is kind of Harry Potter for adults. Just add sex, booze, and some spicy language.

Go forth and read!


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